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Hello internet user! Welcome to my own little part of the world wide web!

Who are you?

Hello 👋 I'm An, a student who loves to code in his freetime. I'm the maker of a lot websites such as , , and .

What is this site about?

This is my peronal website. It's just a small site where I writ blog posts, post little status updates and publish photos.

Why à I thought your name is An, not Àn...?

I wanted to have a very short domain for my website, preferable just my first name, An. But all An-dot-something domains where either taken or really, really expensive. So I went with à It's short, reads "An" and wasn't taken already. (dot "de", the german TLD because I'm from germany 😄) And yes, I know that the à is a special character and hard to type on many keyboards but I can easily link to it on social media so nobody has to type it 😜.

How can I contact you?

I'd be happy if you'd send me a DM on Twitter or contact me on Telegram!

Made by An using Known and ☕️💻🍕