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Making a Newsletter powered Blog in under 1 hour

2 min read

Hello there! 👋

Let's get right into how I built my Blog (and how you can, too!)

What I used 💻

Glitch is a great site which allows you to build and host your own Websites (and other code) for free! It supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP and a lot more! Additionally, every Project gets its own free with build-in SSL.

I decided to use Glitch for hosting my Blog and a new Project is created in just a few seconds (you can even "remix" [~clone] other Projects to get started even faster).


Bulma is an awesome open-source alternative to Bootstrap or similar CSS Frameworks. It's great because you can get cool-looking websites pretty fast. (And hey: It's 100% Mobile Responsive!)

I used Bulma to create the Blog-Website itself.
I used a great free Bulma Blog Template together with some own CSS and JavaScript Magic 🚀

For the Header background-Image I coose a cool Photo from Steve Halama on Unsplash.

But where's the content coming from?

The Blog is based on my Newsletter - whenever I publish a new Newsletter Issue, it'll show up on the Blog!
Technically, the Blog just reads my Newsletters RSS Feed and displays the posts. The Newsletter is powered by ButtondownEmail, so a RSS Feed is automatically generated 🎉

Wrapping Up 💬

That's all for now!
I know, it wasn't much but I hope you still enjoyed reading it! If you want to talk with me, you can always contact me on Twitter or Telegram.
I'm happy to hear from you :)

The Blog I'm talking about all the time lives here 👉
And here's its Code 👉

Stay healthy & keep coding!


This post was first published on my Newsletter in January 2019. Now it was modified to fit into my Blog.

Made by An using Known and ☕️💻🍕