An's projects


Create your own New-Tab page for your browser without any code for free

rss api

A simple API for developers which makes working with RSS, ATOM and JSON-Feeds very easy

space hey

A retro social network

A tool to generate RSS Feeds for YouTube Channels


Free and secure privacy-friendly online tools featuring a URL Shortener & more

shiny link

A URL Shortener powered by the shrtcode API

tele rocks

A site with curated quality YouTube videos & Live TV channels based on YouTube videos

webpage list

A site with category-based lists of useful websites and resources

stonks app

Get it on Google Play

A simpel stock tracking App for Android

workout server

Watch workout videos alone or with friends in sync (including voice- & videochat) and stay fit!

apps like this

A website which lists alternatives and similar apps to popular apps

talk code

A place for coders to chat about different developer-oriented topics


first tweets

A site which displays the first ever Tweets posted on in chronological order

find code

A web serach engine for developers only returning results which are relevant for developers

snack log

Helps you to remember and share what you eat all day long

html code

A site which provides free resources to learn HTML


rss bot

A free feature-rich Telegram chat automation tool supporting autoposting from RSS/ATOM-feeds and much more! — for Telegram

text magic

A tool to convert your text into a fancy font! — for Telegram


a chat thing

A chat app which is different...